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The barrier islands around Charleston Harbor have some of the richest deposits of ancient shark teeth, fossils, sea shells, and colonial artifacts in the country. Join Captain Zach for the day as we venture out to Morris Island and spend time combing the sands for these relics.  Enjoy possible encounters with some unique coastal wildlife like Strand-feeding Dolphins and endangered shorebirds like Least Terns & Wilson’s Plovers. On a good day you can walk away with more than 100 Teeth! Common teeth found belong to ancient Great Whites, Makos, Tiger, Bull, Hammers, and more. You might get lucky enough and find a Megalodon Tooth; it’s been known to happen!

Coastal Fossil Hunt - Fall

Excluding Sales Tax
  • We require 5 days notice if you choose to cancel your reservation in order to receive a full refund.

    Guests who arrive late will be left behind and unable to receive a refund.

    In the unlikely event of inclement weather, we may cancel the day prior and will call the number you provided on your reservation to let you know. If a trip is cancelled before we embark, we will offer you a full refund.

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