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Chimney Swift Roost Watch Party

October 5, 2023

LExington, SC

The Safari

Chimney Swifts are one of the most unique songbirds in South Carolina. They look like Swallows, but are more related to Hummingbirds. They're unable to perch but instead cling to vertical surfaces. They get their name because they began inhabiting smokestacks & chimneys upon European Colonization, and in the Fall time these birds will gather by the thousands to cram together into large chimneys! We'll be in historic Lexington at the Old Mill where Swifts roost by the hundreds in the old exhaust chimney. While together, we'll watch these tiny insectivores create a vortex above the cityscape and possibly see predatory birds, like Peregrine Falcons, flying amongst the flock in an attempt to grab a meal.

Price: $35

Trip Length: 2 HR

The old Mill
711 E Main Street
Lexington SC

Lexington, SC

2/10 Spots available

All payments subject to 
3% Processing Fee*



We will meet in the lower parking lot of the Old Mill across from Hazelwood Brewing Co. I will be standing in the parking lot to greet you & check you in upon arrival. From there we will hang out & wait for the Swifts to arrive. Over the course of the evening we'll watch the Swifts gather & funnel down into the exhaust chimney. There are restrooms inside of Hazelwood if needed.

Cancellation Policy

We require 5 DAYS NOTICE to cancel your reservation and receive a full refund. If you cancel within the 5 day period, you will not be refunded.


All cancellations must be made by email to or by phone at 732-996-4732

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